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 "20/20 Prudent Leadership Book Series offers an innovative and original combination of theories, concepts, and human behavior. Presented in lay terms, rather sophisticated theories prove usable and relevant in understanding human thought related to decision making and leadership. As a fellow traveler on the path, values are foundational in navigating Maslow’s pyramid of needs in an ever changing environment. The value of prudence anchors the journey pointing to self as the instrument for deep change."

April 29, 2020 – Janet M. Ver Fine, Ph.D.

Organizational Leadership Consultant 


  “Concepts such as prudence and self-leadership are often misunderstood and rarely discussed in contemporary society.  The PrudentLeadership.com book series has done an excellent job helping the reader to recognize these important decision-making processes, those essential to a quality life existence, at a time when we all may genuinely benefit so much.” 

March 8, 2020 – Michael MacDonald 

Michigan State Senator  

"As a thought leader, I found the concepts and content of 20/20 Prudent Leadership to be practical, yet intriguing. The Prudence Atom analogy paints a beautiful picture of the way we make decisions. This series is thought provoking as it marries solid illustrations and classic theories on human behavior. As a training tool, I believe this series will help many organizations become more effective in their productivity." 

Feb. 21, 2020 -- Jonathan Wynne, NBA Chaplain 

Director of Education & Training, Kingdom Concepts 

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